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About Handy SEO

Here at HandySEO, each and every one of us is a specialist in online digital services. I know that sounds confusing, so let me explain. We can take your ideas from nothing and create a website that says exactly what you want your customers to know. But what about getting customers? How would anybody even see your site? The ability to get you in the rankings is called SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means we get you higher in the rankings. We can do this because we know how to: we do it every day. The methods we use to do this would take me too long to explain. However, it involves getting you, your brand or your product, seen not only on Google, Yahoo! or Bing, but on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and lots of other places like it.

Maybe you have a lot to say. Maybe it can’t be said on a website page. Why not allow us to create a video? A 30-second or 1-minute video can say loads about your product or services: more than any webpage possibly could. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video is worth? All these things help towards digital marketing, and maybe you promote your products locally. What I mean is, maybe you just work in one area. We are experts in having you seen by people in your local market. Other forms of marketing include Pay-Per-Click on Google: this can be a fantastic way to have a brand new business or a business not doing quite so well seen very, very quickly at the top of a search engine, therefore producing more revenue very quickly. Mobile apps: this is simple. You or your business simply has to have one, because everybody else does.

Don’t get left behind. Do you sell a product? Do you sell lots of products? You need an e-Commerce or shopping cart. Endless hours of typing in price changes, product changes, and so on. We create an e-Commerce and shopping cart website and then give you full control thereafter. So basically, anything you want to do online: why do you need to go anywhere else?

Remember: – one call does it all.

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